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Rodent Prevention Tips


Rubbish and waste should be bagged and binned daily. Make sure the lid on your rubbish bin is secure.


Rats and mice can squeeze through very small gaps. Search your home for openings around doors, windows, pipes and cables then fill them with fine wire mesh or "steelo" wire wool. Rodents cannot chew through this. Weather strips at the base of doors need to be rigid.


Look for signs of rodents - gnaw marks around entry points or droppings will let you know where they are gaining entry.


If you have pets or animals ensure that their food i.e. biscuits or old old bones are not left in the open. Secure containers with tightly fitting lids should be used for animal feed.


Keep your garden tidy and avoid having trees or bushes close to your home - these can make it easy for rodents to get into your roof, windows or vents.


Remember rats and mice need just 3 things to survive: Food, water and shelter. By limiting access to these three things you reduce the chance of an infestation.

Rodent traps and prevention Cambridge
Sealing up gaps to prevent rodents.