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Mosquitoes in New Zealand

Of the known 3500 mosquito species worldwide, New Zealand is home to 15 varieties. They are a descendant of flies and although very small cause the most deaths around the globe of any animal. 
In NZ, mosquitoes are only a nuisance pest and do not carry the diseases of their overseas cousins.
However they still pose a problem with our very active outdoor lifestyles.

Integrated Pest Management for Mosquitoes

  • Keep your garden tidy to reduce the number of places for mosquitoes to hide.
  • Try using a plug in UV light trap for flying insects. Non-toxic and easy to use. Ask about our range.
  • Keeping doors and windows closed in the evening will reduce the number of mosquitoes entering your home especially if you live near any water body or dense bush.
  • Standing water such as a bucket or pond will give mosquitoes an excellent place to breed.
  • If you are outdoors try using natural repellents such as citronella or eucalyptus oil and keep your arms and legs covered.

Mosquito Treatment

Our technician will firstly asses your unique situation and look for potential sources of mosquito infestation and harborage. We check both indoors and the exterior of your home. These areas are then treated with a synthetic pyrethroid that also contains a repellant.
The range of plug-in insect killers we have available are a great idea if you are looking for chemical-free options.