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Cambridge Cockroach Control

Cockroaches Pest Control Cambridge

The most common cockroaches in NZ are all introduced species: Gisborne, German and American. NZ also has 15 native cockroaches – mostly found in the garden but they do sometimes wander indoors. Roaches are mostly nocturnal and very adaptable insects. They reproduce quickly, and if left unchecked, can be one of the more difficult pests to eradicate. Without Cockroach eradication some infestations can cause food poisoning, and they may aggravate allergies and respiratory conditions like asthma. Varying in color from light brown to black, the species of cockroach has much to do with the location they are likely to be found.
If you are fighting a cockroach infestation at home or work contact the Bugs Gone team to get this pest problem solved fast.

Tips for Controlling Cockroaches

We believe prevention methods and sanitation are the best management for cockroaches. Along with sealing cracks and crevices where pests can enter your home, making sure food preparation areas are clean will help prevent infestation. Likewise, clearing clutter such as newspapers or piles of clothes is also recommended since cockroaches are omnivorous scavengers who will eat just about anything. Because cockroaches reproduce quickly, do-it-yourself treatments are not recommended. Keeping up good communication with your pest control professional is vital so that further spread and incursion is avoided.

How We Treat Cockroaches

  • Your technician will assess activity to identify the type of cockroach and areas of infestation needing treatment.

  • We use a range of equipment and products to get of top of a cockroach infestation including but not limited to; non-toxic monitors, low toxicity gel and granular baits, and insecticide barrier treatments. All of which are used in a professional safe manner to ensure the health of your family and pets are not compromised.

  • Often there are multiple areas that require treatment such as in kitchens, laundries, subfloors, ceiling spaces, sheds/garages, around the exterior or garden areas of the home. If there is a significant problem you might even find cockroaches in your bedrooms.