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Pantry Moth

Pantry Moth Problem

Plodia Interpunctella aka Indian Meal moth, Weevil moth, Pantry moth, Flour moth or Grain moth. Adult Indian meal moths can grow up to 10mm in length with a 20mm wingspan. A single female can lay up to 400 eggs after mating which makes a serious infestation difficult to eradicate once it takes hold.
Indian-meal moths feed on plants, grains, and other human food products The larvae can bite through plastic and cardboard so even sealed packages can become infested.

What to do if I have Pantry Moth

Discovering you have an infestation of pantry moth can be extremely distressing. Inspecting every food item and cleaning out an entire pantry can seem daunting but essential to gain control of an Indian meal moth outbreak. Ensuring containers have correctly fitting lids and inspecting products purchased from the store for signs of moth larvae is a very important part of the eradication and prevention process.

How We Treat Stored Product Pests

We use a range of different options to manage Stored Product Pests in your home or business these include but are not limited to:

  • Trapping and Monitoring - Our non-toxic monitors contain commercial strength pheromones and glue boards. These are placed in optimal locations for long term control.
  • Exclusion - along with the above we also investigate/rectify how and why moths are getting into your space. If we can fix the problem easily we will - alternatively we will provide you with advice on preventing these pest insects from entering your home/business.
  • Interior and Exterior Treatments - An application of residual pest control products to knockdown and prevent future infestations is applied to areas of concern.
  • Sanitizing - Along with our usual treatments we can also check, clear and clean infested areas to save you time and for greater piece of mind.

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