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Flea Control Cambridge

Flea Infestations

Discovering fleas in your home can be uncomfortable and distressing. Due to their lifecycle, Fleas can be an uphill battle to control.
There are approximately 2500 flea species in the world. We have four types of flea in NZ: Dog Flea, Cat Flea, Rat Flea and Human Flea.
The most common species of Flea is the Cat Flea, known for readily biting humans.
The most problematic aspect of a flea bite on humans is the infection which can be caused by prolonged itching when left untreated. Flea bites have been known to cause skin complaints, and can also exacerbate respiratory illnesses and cause complications.
Remember even homes without pets can have flea infestations.

Tips for Managing Fleas

  • Apply flea products to your pet as advised by your vet.
  • Keep your pets well groomed, washed and brushed.
  • Hot wash your pets bedding regularly.
  • Frequently vacuum your home especially areas where your pets hang out.
  • Keep your garden tidy by mowing your lawn and raking up any leaves, grass or bush clippings, giving fleas fewer places to hide.

How We Treat Fleas

Bugs Gone Pest Control Cambridge knows exactly how to get rid of fleas in your home and we guarantee our service!

Our technician will apply a residual surface treatment for fleas in house, garage or other location along with an insect growth regulator where flea activity is prevalent e.g. on carpet, mats and wooden flooring. The treatment works on residual contact, which means the flea must come into contact with the pesticide and absorb the product. The product then kills the flea by affecting the nervous system.

We then apply a powder treatment under-house if accessible and granules to garden areas close to your building.

The treatment cannot penetrate flea eggs, or pupae. When existing flea eggs hatch, you may notice more activity, usually about 5-21 days after the initial application. We call this the ‘second hatching’ and it’s completely normal. The activity will reduce after several days as the new nymphs come into contact with the residual product. The insect growth regulator stops nymphs from breeding and laying more eggs.  

Our pest control products are low-toxic and intended for application in homes with children and pets.
All products used by Bugs Gone are approved by the EPA (Environmental Protection Authority of New Zealand) and used in accordance with all NZ Health & Safety requirements.