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Carpet Beetle

Carpet Beetle Infestations

Carpet Beetle infestations are a common household problem in New Zealand. The adult carpet beetle is quite small at only 2-4mm long and varied in white, brown and yellow patch like colours. The larval stage is the most destructive - feeding on natural fibers such as woolen carpets (hence the name "carpet beetle) but also consume dead insects, pet hair, felt, silk, feathers, skins, and leather. Female beetles lay between 50-100 eggs at a time. The larvae are approximately 3mm in length, light brown and covered in short hair. Often the molts or shed skins of the larvae are found in carpet fibers.

What to do if I have Carpet Beetle

Sanitation and hygiene are key to managing an infestation of carpet beetle. Regular vacuuming especially under furniture and to the edges/corners of carpeted areas is important to remove potential food sources for larvae. Inspect areas such as wardrobes and cupboards for items that have been affected. If clothing or other items are found to contain eggs or larvae they can be frozen inside plastic bags for a week in most domestic freezers to kill all life stages of the carpet beetle infestation. If clothing items made of natural fibers are to be stored for long periods of time it is essential to inspect them prior to storage, have them laundered and then stored in secure plastic bags.

How We Treat Carpet Beetle

Carpet Beetle can be managed effectively with the right knowledge. Bugs Gone Pest Control can identify and treat all stages of the life cycle of this common household pest. 
Firstly we carry out a thorough inspection to locate harborages and sources of infestation. We apply a residual product to flooring surfaces and entry points. If the problem is severe an additional insecticidal dust may be used in crawl and roof spaces. We then monitor further activity with our non-toxic pheromone lure traps.

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