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Tips for Managing Flies

Below are some practical steps to reduce fly activity in your home:

  • Keep windows and doors closed or just open them on the windy side of your home - flies don't like the breeze.
  • Rubbish and green waste bins should have well fitting lids
  • Install fly screens to kitchen windows and doors.
  • Clean up after your pets - cats and dogs.
  • Keep food covered or in the refrigerator.
  • Sanitation and cleanliness for fly control - especially in the kitchen

For expert advice and management - call Bugs Gone Pest Control

Flies in New Zealand

There are four species of flies that are typically found in New Zealand

  1. Common House Fly

  2. Lesser House Fly

  3. Cluster Fly

  4. Blow Fly

These flies have a life cycle that travels from egg, larva, pupae, and then adult. During the winter months flies tend to go to sleep. However, when the temperature and humidity rises they awaken to be an annoying little pest that carries bacteria, pathogens and disease.

Flies are generally found in organic matter, decaying vegetation, animal excrement, and stagnant water. Cooking smells can attract flies up to 50 meters from their breeding site. If the wind is right, they can travel several kilometers.

How We Treat Flies

Firstly we apply an exterior barrier spray to the base, cladding and soffit of your building focusing on entranceways and window frames. We then move to the interior application that is applied to ceilings, window and door frames - places that flies like to land and make a mess on.

The product we use for fly control works on residual contact. The insect has to absorb the pesticide by crawling over the product. The product then kills the insect by affecting the nervous system. The products we use have a repellant that lasts up to 4 weeks but will continue to knockdown insects after this time for up to 12 weeks.  

Alternative options include:

  • Fly traps are available for outside use. Through smell, the unit attracts the flies to a container that then traps them.
  • Flying insect light traps are available for both outside and inside use. They work with ultra violet light, which attracts flying insects into the unit. The unit has a sticky board and traps the insect. The sticky boards have to be replaced once a month and the unit requires a power point.

Our pest control products are low-toxic and intended for application in homes with children and pets.
All products used by Bugs Gone are approved by the EPA (Environmental Protection Authority of New Zealand) and used in accordance with all NZ Health & Safety requirements.