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Seasonal Alert: Autumn

Rodent Problems in Autumn and Winter

Autumn in Cambridge and surrounding areas is a beautiful time of year but it does mean an increase in rodent activity around our homes as rodents look for warmth and shelter.

Why do mice and rats look for shelter in Autumn? Rodents can sense the change in temperature and naturally start to look for a dry, cosy home for the coming winter months. Hence we start hearing activity in our ceilings and sightings of rodents in and around our homes.

How to prevent rodents from settling at your home or business? 
As the old saying goes - prevention is better than cure. In other words it is better to take care that a problem does not happen than to have to solve the problem afterwards. Our approach to controlling rats and mice is first and foremost about exclusion. Sealing up gaps and holes to prevent rodents from entering your home or business is by far the best management method.

Educating our clients about rodent behavior is also a very important tool in our arsenal of keeping the critters out. Reducing rodent numbers before they set up camp by trapping and baiting is a must especially after the long hot summer we have had throughout the Waipa and greater Waikato region.

At Bugs Gone Pest Control we have a wide range of quality traps and stations available. We can also help with proofing your home to keep the vermin out!